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10 Random Acts of Kindness

Today, we can all be mood changers, smile givers, Happy Honda Helpers & Spirit Lifters. Today, it is the mission of us all to be kind to someone else. And in case you’re feeling my Double Oh Seven vibe, join Keep it Vertical and millions all over the world that are celebrating random act of kindness day, this Feb. 17th.

Read your mission details below.


WHEN: Before Feb. 17th, 2020 is over.

HOW: Here’s 10 random acts of kindness you can do today.

1. Compliment a stranger. By complimenting a stranger not only are you giving someone confidence, but you are also completing a Lifted Bingo activity! Whoot Whoot!

2. Pay for someone’s meal. I’ve been in the drive-thru twice and had my meal paid for by the car ahead of me. The first time, I think the driver paid for my meal because I went in my trunk while in the drive-thru to bless the homeless man.

3. Donate canned goods to your local food bank. Or even your local church! Check this link for a list of food pantries in LA, maybe you can donate to one!

4. Say “Thank You” to someone who makes a difference in your community. I remember being a City Years corps member, changing the lives of the youth in my community. Strangers would randomly tell me “Thank You,” when I walked around the community in my yellow bomber. It was an amazing feeling to be acknowledged.

5. Call someone just to say “I love you.” Which is also a Lifted Bingo activity!

6. Spare a dollar or two to someone in need.

7. Let someone ahead of you in line at the store.

8. Surprise your co-worker with a treat!

9. Write a letter to a senior citizen through Love for the Elderly.

10. Leave a kind note on a stranger's car.

There you have it! The details of your mission. Oh! I forgot to mention what it pays.

REWARD: Good Karma! ;)

And we can all use some of that!

As always, keep your head up and your spirit lifted. Keep it Vertical.

Which Random Act of Kindness are you going to do today? Let us know in the comments or share your answer on our Instagram at @KeepitVertical_

Blog Post written by: Jhoe.

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