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Read about our CPO, Jhoe Virago and learn more about Keep it Vertical in these press features! 
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Finding Positivity with Keep it Vertical's Jhoe Virago

Inspired by the challenges of a childhood in foster care, the LA-based creative entrepreneur launched a lifestyle brand designed to share her message of hope and renewal. Here, she discusses her humble beginnings, the importance of community, and the satisfaction of using her voice to help others.

TrapXArt Mag Feature Jhoe
Keepin' it Vertical with Jhoe

I work on expanding my brand daily because as the CEO of a positive lifestyle brand, it means the world to me to be able to uplift others and inspire them through my brand. I've battled with depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts, by sharing my story and through the promo of my brand, I'm able to encourage others and help them in dark moments.

Mayor of LA and Keep it Vertical
Keep it Vertical and LA Original

Jhoe loves creating in LA because "the city is constantly flourishing! All across Los Angeles, you can find new businesses being built, construction zones, see new sports teams and so much more!" Being able to create and thrive while the city is thriving makes her feel like she is in the right place at the right time and the time is right now!

Meet Jhoe Virago:
Entrepreneur and Writer

Jhoe, we’d love to hear about your parent’s parenting philosophy and the role it played in your development.
Many people ask me since I grew up in the foster care system, what my current relationship with my parents is like. I can currently say that my relationship with my parents is great! We have a mutual love and respect for each other that has stemmed from my upbringing and their honesty with me through the years. My parents parenting style was…distant to say the least. 

SD Voyager Magazine Feature
Life and Work with Jhoe Virago

Jhoe, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
My story started long before I knew what it would grow into. My story started when I was a young girl trying to over-scream my parents as they fought in the living room while holding onto my sister to comfort her.

Voyage Mag LA Features Jhoe
Meet Jhamana Creer of
Keep it Vertical 

I am heavily inspired by Auntie Shanel and my Mom. My Auntie Shanel was my main source of inspiration as a kid because she always shared her stories with me about things that she had seen and overcome. As a kid hearing stories of victory and watching her move with such strength and elegance, empowered me as a teenager dealing with so much and battling suicide and depression.

Keep it Vertical on KTLA morning news!

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Eager Los Angeles Holiday shoppers were encouraged to shop local for the 2020 Holiday season. Keep it Vertical was featured on KTLA morning news as a local LA business for Holiday shoppers to shop with to find something for everyone in the family!

Watch this clip to check out our feature! 

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