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About Brand


Keep it Vertical is a positive lifestyle brand started by Jhoe Virago, Keep it Vertical means to Keep Your Spirit Lifted. KiV consists of many moving parts like fashionable apparel, a lifestyle blog and a poetry book, to promote positivity and remind others to Hear, See and Speak No Evil. 


Our CEO, Jhoe Virago self published a poetry book titled "D.C.F.S" or "Delicately Caring for Savages". D.C.F.S is a short collection of dark poetry Jhoe wrote as a suicidal and depressed child in the foster system and is used as a healing agent for readers. 


Keep it Vertical’s merch line revolves around the motto “Hear NO Evil, See NO Evil, Speak NO Evil.” Our artistic & fashion forward designs have been featured in the gift shop for Museum of Contemporary Art, LA and has traveled to San Francisco with TrapxArt. In 2020, our Vintage Good Vibes Only Squad was in collaboration with Eric Garcetti as the Mayor of Los Angeles, giving back to homeless women in LA. 


2023 is a major year for us, as we were featured on the Jennifer Hudson's show Instagram three times, we were honored by Mastercard and JHud & we secured our first major partnership! In September 2023, our partnership with Hudson LAX went live and our merchandise began selling in the Los Angeles airport.


You can find us in the international terminal at gate 156, between gates 80-83 United airlines and gate 73 Angelenos


About CPO

(We'll get to that in a second)


Hey Lifted Family, It's Me - Jhoe and I am the CPO and Founder of Keep it Vertical. As your CPO, Chief Positivity Officer, it's my job to spread good vibes and help you keep your spirit lifted. Life has qualified me to do so. 

I've survived different types of abuse, divorce, homelessness, suicide attempts, self-injury (cutting), bullying, over 100 stitches, foster care, college (after a year hiatus following my first year), depression, and whatever else life threw my way & used to qualify me to be here as your CPO! 


In the midst of all of this, I preserved and graduated college with a Bachelor's  in Human Services, received a certificate in sound healing, started my own business and never stopped smiling. Since 2019, I've been a certified workplace violence instructor, teaching communication, negotiation, de-escalation and self defense to medical workers.

In 2021, I taught my first positivity workshop with Mastercard. In 2023, I completed Bank of America's Women's Entrepreneurship certificate program at Cornell University. I've changed lives - all while mines was falling apart. It is my destiny and pleasure to be your C.P.O, welcome you into the Lifted Family and let you know that you can make it through anything. 


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Keep it Vertical's 



We believe with a positive outlook and perceptive, we can get through anything. Everything is "figureoutable". As a company, we want want to help our customers, followers and members of the Lifted Family, learn how to handle life's difficulties, using the power of optimism. 


We believe in empowering others. Through our merchandise, content and company messaging, it is our goal to empower others to believe in and know themselves. 


While spreading a message that makes our customers feel good, we want them to look good too! We believe in providing long lasting quality products to our customers. 


By being honest and open with our Lifted Family, we can encourage them to be honest with themselves and those around them, developing the quality of a Lifted Spirit. 


Our motto at Keep it Vertical is "Keep your Spirit Lifted," and we strive to teach our Lifted Family principles that teach them how to experience joy and happiness in their lives. 

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