A friendly game of glow up.

Each Bingo square is meant to help you grow, learn more about yourself or try something new! Are you up for the challenge?

​Keep it Vertical's LIFTED BINGO makes growth fun! Learn and grow with our innovative LIFTED BINGO board. Unlike any game you've ever played before, each LIFTED BINGO square is filled with something you can do that will lift your mind, body or spirit. Some goals can be completed instantly and others will take a little time. Which is why if you stick in this with me, the reward is great! 

Take 3 months, take 6 months but don’t take too long because the first person to completely fill their LIFTED BINGO board wins over $80 worth of prizes including a $20 VISA gift card and an exclusive Keep it Vertical merch box!

*See official rules and details*

Please download the formatted version, based on how you'd like to play. If you'd like to print out the game choose the "for print" option, if you'd like to play via mobile, download our "for mobile" option.

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