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Scripting "The Answer is Yes"


There are various ways that you can manifest the life you have always dreamed of, such as affirmations or visualizations. While you should do all these, the most effective one that have worked for me is scripting.

Scripting is a beautiful way to manifest your goals and aspirations. Essentially, you are writing your goals and aspirations down as though they have already happened. Now Gorgeous Crew, one important rule to remember is to give thanks to God “Your Creator” that what you are scripting is already yours! This should be 1st nature in life.

When you do this, you are relinquishing control of limiting beliefs, fears and anything that would have a counter effect on your manifestation. I would highly recommend grabbing a journal or notepad. Keep this journal for your scripting and use it to track your results too! You also must remember to be extremely specific in what you are scripting. You may write for a shiny blue car. A shiny new blue 1975 car comes with flat tires, messed up windows, ect. This is your life and dream and make it happened to the letter, down to how you want something to smell.

Here is an example.

Thank God for this new opportunity, it is everything I can imagine. I do not have a long commute & the people I work with are amazing. My income tripled per monthly salary (add the desired income). Side note there is no such thing as too big when you are scripting. I am so happy in the environment that I work in. Now with this new salary I am able buy my first home in the area I have always dreamed of with the beautiful blue ocean right outside my window. I can feel the nice breeze of the wind hitting my back when I am outside. (Side note this is an example you can use this as a template and continue to add to it). The same process goes for when you are scripting the person of your dreams.

Make sure to always stay in the present tense when you are writing. When you are doing this, you are creating the emotion and staying in high vibration. I recommend doing this twice a day. Once in the morning and the second in the evening.

How you start your day is everything. Meditate, give thanks and have a positive mindset. This will set the tone for the day. People are using this method to manifest a successful career. You will start to adapt the mindset of success and start to make the right “money moves". Same goes for love. You will start to adapt the concept of love and all its beauty. Just as I had mentioned in my podcast Where are you love you attract who you are! All of my goals are coming to me. I use scripting and have phenomenal results. That is why I want all of my Gorgeous crew to win your hearts desires.

Tips on what NOT to do when scripting!

Do not be negative if you are having any doubt it best to do some grounding exercise. Then when you are back to positivity, start your scripting.

Do not be scared to be specific on your goals and limits there are no limits

Do not over think things once start scripting. You will have to adapt the mindset that everything you ask and write is already yours. No need to worry or fret about it.

Know you are amazing, and you lack nothing. Sometimes the challenges of life may seem hard. However, it is all preparation to propel you to the next level in life.

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With love and harmony,

-Coach Acry

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