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Not Alone November: Combatting Loneliness & Building Connection.

According to a 2018 report, 22% of adults in the United States say they often or always feel

lonely or socially isolated. That number rose almost 40% in 2019, when a report showed that 61% of Americans reported feeling lonely.

We wanted to help those that may battle with this common feeling this month with our November 2021 Theme, Not Alone November. All month long, we shared tips for combating loneliness and resources that could help. We also encouraged you to take your squad with you, by giving away free positivity pins with every purchase.

If you missed our IG posts, here’s a recap of tips and resources we shared all month long.

But first remember this,

A season of isolation and loneliness is when a caterpillar gets its wings to become a butterfly!

And we LOVE butterflies, here at Keep it Vertical. Butterflies represent growth, evolution and change!

So, don’t avoid those seasons of isolation, as they may be the time of your greatest growth, spurt in evolution and when you grow your wings.

There are things we can do to aid us in those moments of loneliness, here are three tips to help combat loneliness and build community.

1. Get active on social

2. Let them love you!

3. Talk to strangers. (Sorry, Mom)

Getting active on social, small talk with strangers and not pushing people away can help combat loneliness and build connection.

Did you find this helpful? How do you build connections?

Share this post to help others learn ways of building community!

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