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It Does NOT Have To Hurt...

It doesn’t have to hurt.

It really doesn’t.

Nothing does for that matter. I don’t have to have headaches incorporated into my daily routine and anger doesn’t have to be my first resort. My shoulders do not HAVE to be tense and I do not HAVE to be broke. I don’t have to always relate to y’all like that. (You know people bond strongly over mutual suffering.) I can feel better, be happier and there’s nothing wrong with removing pain from my life. We all know pain is there but it doesn’t have to be normal. Cause we can get massages. lol, DUH!

I got my first one today and it was great! I told my favorite counselor at my Alma Mater about it today. He got so excited and told me how he had a girlfriend that was a massage therapist, so he used to get them all the time. You never know where a convo will go or what you will learn.

He told me how he was going through so much, living wild, drinking, jumping off rooftops and shit around this time also. I couldn't see my favorite counselor in that light, so I stood there mouth wide, ....jumping off of rooftops. My sister used to do that shit. She would jump from the roof to the trampoline while my scary ass would ---

OH, that's right. The massages.

This is what he said about them..he woke up with no pain. He began saying to himself “this is what normal people wake up like, with no pain."

I told him about a song I loved by John Mayer because in this song, John Mayer mentioned about how we become so used to pain that when something DOESN’T hurt, that’s weird to us. Like waking up in no pain was weird to him. He said to me "because we become so used to living with pain, you know, we think it's normal? but I woke up with no pain." Damn, imagine that.

It's possible. Because it doesn’t have to hurt. Love, friendship, going to work in the morning, your body, life - none of that. It doesn’t have to hurt, you can get better. You can feel better. You can do better and things will get better. They always do. Keep Your Spirit Lifted.

Read my bio. Read my book. I came a long way. You can too.

Feel good. Feel better. Feel lifted. Keep Your Spirit Lifted. Keep it Vertical.

Feeling Lifted & Vertical,


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