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Hair Vitamins for Natural Hair

Two pills a day and there’s edges to slay!

Hey Lifted Family,

I know the summer is coming up and we are all in the process of creating a summer body (whatever that means for you), planning vacations and buying new clothes to get ready for the summer. We all want to look our best and so much of looking and feeling our best is in our CROWN! No, not the burger king crown – I’m talking about the crown you were every day, your hair! It’s important that we build healthy, strong hair with the use of products and vitamins.

Edge Naturale, which you’ve heard me talk about many times, has created a new product that now creates the perfect pair. Edge Naturale has new hair vitamins and when paired with the follicle enhancer, this pair creates the dream team! I’ve used the hair vitamins and during that time kept my hair braided under a wig, I noticed more new grow than normal and my hair was thicker. The hair vitamins even made my hair feel stronger and less prone to breakage. Your hairstyle is a part of your look and how you feel, get healthy, strong, natural hair with Edge Naturale hair vitamins. You only have to take two vitamins once a day! Say BYE to hair regimes that have too many pills and need to be taken multiple times a day. Edge Naturale’s hair vitamin regime is easy to follow and worth it!

Get natural strong hair with Edge Naturale, here’s the direct link:

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