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Don't Wait December Recap Blog

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and many of you may be apprehensive about what awaits you in 2021. Don’t worry, we understand! However, despite not knowing what the future holds, you shouldn’t allow fear to deter you from getting to where you want to be. Last month, Keep it Vertical put an emphasis on putting yourself first by saying “No.” This month, we are continuing to put ourselves first by not making excuses and starting on our goals today as opposed to tomorrow.

Each week we strived to motivate you by including tips for starting a business, making a lifestyle/ mindset change, and being a new writer. If you’re ready to embark upon a journey to a new and improved you, let’s recap the “Don’t Wait December” theme.

Tips for starting a business

  1. Free Resources

Starting a business can be very expensive so why not take advantage of resources you don’t have to pay for? is the perfect resource for a small business owner. Since 1964, SCORE been providing free mentorship and education in various fields. With the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs since 1964.” Our CEO Jhoe, who has personally taken a few courses and applied for mentorship, has found SCORE to be very helpful and eye-opening. Knowledge is free. Expand your mind to expand your business.

  1. Join support groups

Networking is an important aspect of business growth. Not only does it allow you to exchange information with like-minded individuals, but it is also a great way to build long-term business and personal relationships. Our lifted family member, Taylor (@theplantplugla), has a BIPOC business group that gives you four weeks of business growth content, including one on one training, for only $15. The program started on December 14th, but be sure to send her a message (or network with her wink-wink*) so you don’t miss the next opportunity to join.

  1. Find a problem to solve

An important aspect of a business is ensuring that it is solving a problem for a target audience. If you find a problem to solve, your business can be the answer to that specific problem. “You might think you have the next big idea, but have you really done the research to see if it could be successful? Is there a need in the marketplace? Is the space full of slow-moving companies unwilling to change? Then maybe you have an opportunity.” -

Tips for starting a lifestyle change

  1. Be patient with yourself

It is going to take hard work and consistency to break old habits. Please don’t be hard on yourself for not being able to master the change you want to implement overnight. Great things take time, and that includes molding yourself into who you want to become. You can’t rush time and patience is a virtue.

  1. Celebrate the small wins

In addition to being patient, celebrate the goals you reach along the way. You may set a goal to meal prep every Sunday but miss the third week. Celebrate the first two weeks you were able to push through! You just have to make sure you stay motivated to get back on track especially when you’re implementing something new you’ve never done before.

  1. Focus on your why and end goal

Implementing new ways to structure the lifestyle you deserve will not come easy. You may even be tempted to give up and go back to your old ways. Before you decide to revert back to bad habits as yourself,” What would the ole me do?” Whatever your answer is at the moment DO THE OPPOSITE. Don’t allow the old you to disrupt your journey. Remind yourself why you chose to make the lifestyle change then press forward. You’ll be thankful that you did.

Tips for the beginning writer

  1. Find gigs on Craigslist

Did you know that Craiglist had a gig section? If you weren’t looking for it you probably wouldn’t notice because it’s on the very bottom of the page. Within the gig section, there is an option dedicated to writing where you can find paid opportunities. From blogs, articles, product reviews, and postcard writing, there is an unlimited amount of opportunities to write. However, be mindful of scams. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  1. Network with others

Yes, we’re talking about networking again. We told you it was important. Look at the work you have already written and identify companies you reach out to feature your work. It’s really that simple. Even if you don’t have anything, research companies that post content that you want to write about to see what they already have. You could even use hashtags via social media to find the companies that post the type of content you write. If you have work that you believe would be a great addition to the Keep it Vertical site, our CEO Jhoe will be more than happy to give you the opportunity to be a featured writer. Contact us today!

  1. Write

Practice makes perfect, and the only way to become a writer is to write. Whether you choose to write short stories, poetry, or merely journaling your thoughts, you have to find the best practice for you. Writing daily helps to form a consistent habit. You will never begin if you’re only thinking about writing. Pick up a pen and pad, turn on your laptop, or create your next engaging post on social media. Whatever you choose, be persistent in your passion.

We hope these tips were helpful. Don’t wait for the new year to get started! Tomorrow is not promised, and there’s no better day than TODAY to live your best life. We already know 2020 gave us a run for our money, but we are not going to allow that told hold us back. This a lifted community that strives for nothing less than greatness. Put your best foot forward, keep your head up and your spirit lifted.

Blog post written by Simone Loudd.

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