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Date Yourself: Sahmia's Solo Bali Trip

Aunthetic April is all about the power of being yourself and the more time you spend getting to know yourself, the easier it will be to express yourself authentically. You can't make choices that are the best for you, if you don't know what you want or what your goals are. Traveling alone can give you time to think, reflect and plan your Lifted Life and guess what? There is no need for a long itinerary for everyone to follow - it's just you, your vibes and what you want. And don't worry about being alone or feeling lonely, it's very likely that you'll make lots of friends along the way - like Sahmia did.

Sahmia shares her story of community and connection as she travels alone from Long Beach, CA to Bali, Indonesia! May this blog inspire you to take yourself on a travel date and find friends within the far away communities. May you connect and learn that we are all here together, coexisting as humankind.

Blog written by Sahmia Asé

"Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you."- Anthony Bourdain

I adore sunsets because of the effervescent time I spent 15 hours away from home in Bali. The air was different yet familiar as if my soul had been on an island before. It was the 1st time I had not only been out of the good old USA, but it was also the first time I flew by myself to a foreign place. My spirit was searching for a feeling to fill a void that left me empty. I wanted life to feel good again. I needed to feel alive again. Life meant more than just going to work to make a living and dying.

I decided to play a game of "if only" with the Universe one night. Let's be honest Facebook can be a blessed platform for connecting people. I had a group of friends who host retreats throughout the year. "If only I could scrape up the funds to go to Bali with Serge and the Shivakali gang and to Mexico with Angelica and the would make life 10x better. There are too many beautiful places to see." were my exact words on my post. Little did I know the Universe was about to take me up on my 'if only' offer sending me on the adventure of my life.

Serge responded to that post in a private message reassuring me that I was in the right place at the right time. I sat with this idea of traveling to Bali. I "what if I bought my plane ticket? Where am I going to get the funds to do this? I questioned.

Serge had also asked if I would be willing to photograph the experience. There was no way I was not going on this trip. I had to trust that all that I needed would be provided to me effortlessly. Little by little, week after week, I pieced together this puzzled called Bali. An island of Love, Spirituality, and much Authenticity.

After 15 hours of on and off sleeping sessions, three servings of not-so-great airplane meals, We finally arrived in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, I was stopped by the only other person of color on the flight that day, Anthony, " Hey uh excuse me, I noticed you running through the airport last night, do you uh want to grab a beer? you know it's not often that you're in Hong Kong right? " he asked.

Typically, I would play the stranger danger card. But I thought about the alchemist and how people along our journey have a story or a lesson. I learned that he was also a LA native who just so happened to be on the same flight to Bali for a retreat. He introduced me to the Be, Here, Now concept and how our words automatically complicate reality.

Rather than waiting to do something or say you're going to do something, do it because the past and the future exist right here and now in the present. Life's all about choices. He was kind enough to sit next to me on the connecting flight to Bali. We shared stories of healing, past pains, and childhood memories. He explained that every decision I made before my 5-hour flight to Bali from Hong Kong was because of my choosing to have that moment. Upon landing in Denpasar, this overwhelming excitement took over my body. I jumped for joy " Oh shoot! I am really by myself out here". Luckily, a friend connected me with another friend and was meeting me at the airport. The air was hot and humid. My southern Californian lungs had never experienced this type of heat.

As we swept the airport searching for a taxi. I become overwhelmed and nearly passed out. Once we found transportation, we were off to Seminyak, a chic town of insane drivers! Seminyak is a cute upscale town with shops, yoga spots, and tons of food spots. I had my first drinking experience in another country. IT FELT GREAT to be on a beautiful island drinking a Mojito. I thought to myself, "DAMN Girl u made it!!!"

Bali showed me the meaning of. truly trusting myself to take solo trips. You hear your own thoughts, your itenary if you have one, is your own and you really get the opportunity to connect with people and places you never meet/ would have if you hadnt gone solo. I have been traveling every year since this innagural trip and honest Solo travel has been the best experience.

Don't be afraid Friend BOOOOOK THE Flight!

Written By: Sahmia Asé

Where are you going to go on your solo trip? Have you ever traveled alone?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

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