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10 Easy and Effective Ways to Self Motivate

Whether it happens because it's Monday or it's just that one day - there will be a time when you'll need a little push to stay motivated. We all feel unmotivated to do things for different reasons. Just because we feel unmotivated to do something that does not ALWAYS mean we need to shift gears. Sometimes, we just need to relight the flame, give ourselves a little push and we're back rollin and chasing our dreams full speed!

Here's 10 things you can do to motivate yourself when you need a lift.

1. Change the game.

Routine makes things a little boring. When I need a little push, I find creative ways to change my routine a bit. Finding new ways to do things you love and accomplish goals can be exciting and eye opening.

2. Learn more!

Sometimes, our lack of motivation to complete a task is caused by our lack of confidence in our ability to do so. Feeling unsure of how to do something can make that thing harder to do. And sometimes that ignorance causes us to do nothing at all. So, learn more - research the topic, take classes & ask questions. You’ll feel more confident with more research and knowledge under your belt.

3. Remember your why.

Why was this a goal of yours in the first place? Why did you start? Why is this important to you? When you feel unmotivated, remember why you started. Write down your WHYS in list form and save the list or post it somewhere you can read it everyday.

4. Adjust your goals. (repeat because this is important) If you’re trying to complete a week-long project in two days, of course you’re going to feel stressed and unmotivated. Reassess your to-do list and make sure your goals are realistic to the time. Sometimes, things around us change and we don’t change our goals. Be sure to reassess your goals and your to-do list when necessary.

5. Compare you to ...YOU!

Think about how far you’ve come. Think about how far you’ll be once this task is completed or started.

6. Research the Successfuls

This best proof and motivation that something can be done, is that someone else has already done it. Study those that have done and accomplished similar goals as you. Not only will you learn through their story, but you may get the motivation needed to start working on your own.

7. Build a accountability group

My cousin and I had a group called ABC, accountability breakfast club. It was three of us, we met at Denny’s (where I always ordered breakfast) and talked about our goals. End of meeting we’d write down things we’d want accomplished by the next meeting. When we were all aware of what each other’s goals were and we knew the other ladies knew ours, we were able to motivate each other. Knowing that the other ladies would hold me accountable if I didn’t accomplish my goals helped me motivate myself when I needed a boost.

8. Create a reward/celebration system

Create a positive reward system and/or celebrate when you accomplish a goal. If you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and focus on the light, you become less worried about the tunnel. So, if you are looking forward to a reward, whether intrinsic or external, when a project is complete, you’re more excited and motivated to complete that project.

9. Write it down!

Write down your goals & why those goals are important. Once you start that savings, how will you feel? How does working out help you? Once you start a business, how can that change your life? Attach your goals to a purpose, passion or future vision and write it down! Writing this down helps being clarity and can help you feel motivated to complete your goals and manifest that future you’re working towards.

10. Read encouraging messages.

If you google “positive quotes” the search results will give you many lists of quotes you can read. You may find a message that resonates with you and if you do screenshot it (if you’re on your phone) and make it the background of the home screen on your cell phone. This will add a daily dose of motivation to your day!

So, try one of all of these next time you need a little help getting your spirit lifted and started! Which of these have you found most helpful? Which one are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments! And if you enjoy reading this, like and share this post! You never know who may need it.

As always, keep your head up and your spirit lifted.

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Blog post Written by: Jhoe Virago, CEO of Keep it Vertical

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