This is NOT A Blog

Updated: May 13, 2018

Find out why Jhoe does not consider herself a blogger and what she calls herself instead.

... but I promise to write stuff. I guess that would make this a blog, huh? Eh, not to me and that is only cause I don't consider myself a blogger. There is this level of consistency associated with blogging and bloggers that I don't have. I'm a writer. I create when I feel inspired.

Fortunately enough for my readers, I am inspired often. Something happens every day, that I feel the need to write about. Whatever inspires me I'll write about it. FYI - I can't promise a consistent topic. I can't promise anything actually. I can't even promise that you will like it and be entertained, but I hope you will. I also think that it's important to know that I don't really come here to be politically correct, socially correct, grammatically correct or anything of that nature. There will be errors. You will find them. When you do, tell me - I will fix them. Thank you, Grammar police. So here's to my thoughts, which frighten me, excite me, motivate me, chastise me,  annoy me, make me laugh, cry, scream and alladat. Enjoy. 

Feeling Lifted and Vertical,


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