Not My Decision.

Nope, it's not.

Are you going? Do you have to wear it? Is that the color of YOUR hair? Is that the lifestyle you chose to live?

NAH. It's not.

It's theirs and you don't have to accept it. Today, Juju and I attended DragCon for work. #TakeYoSquadWitChu you know? (Making money with the homies, #itslit!) Anyway, we ran around. We sweated. We worked. Fake worked. & worked again.

9 hours. 6 Queens later and our day is done.

We were walking to our cars after a long day of work. Juju was talking. "You know what I learned today? You don't have to understand something in order to accept it, because being here today, even though there's parts I don't understand, I accept it." He said. And ya'll, ya'll know me.. I'm deep as hell and everything is this big message from God directing me in the direction of "Get your life together lane." So, I took this message and held on to it.

Low and behold a few hours later someone would ask for my help with something and in asking for my help - they had to explain the situation to me. Mid conversation, before we even got to the question they needed to ask me I immediately start thinking about things based on the situation they explained. "Why the hell would you do that?" "That shit sound stupid." "I wouldn't even put myself in that position." (All my 2 cents) After the advice was given and the call was over I hung up and said aloud to myself, "you don't have to understand something to accept it. I don't have to understand WHY you made that decision, but I accept that this is the decision you will make."

I needed that reminder. I needed to understand that this was not my decision to make, but my decision to guide and accept. I needed to remind myself out loud that as long as I live people around me, shieeeettt - and sometimes people including me, will do things I do not understand.

Does that mean that I judge them?


Does it mean that I hate them?


Does it mean that every time I get the chance to bring up their decisions that I disagree with I do, just to remind them of how stupid that shit is?

Nah, ion even do that.

Do I be wanting to....


Instead, I offer guidance when necessary and asked for, and in doing that I don't force people to see or do things MY way. What the hell is MY way, anyway? (Hell, sometimes I'm still trying to find it.) Just keeping it Vertical.

Keep Your Spirit Lifted. Practice acceptance.

A LIFTED Spirit is at peace. Peace within yourself. Peace amongst others. Peace with other people's decisions. Know and understand that we live in a world where everyone is different in their own way, unique in their fashion and will more than likely not have the same favorite food as you. Hey! We're just ..different. I'm a seafood girl. <3

You don't have to understand something to accept it. Also, don't forget in practicing your acceptance of others and their differences from you that you embrace the things in you that make you difference from everyone else.

Love your freckles. Your pointy nose. Your skin color. Your ashy knees. Your short and sometimes/all the time tangled hair. Your chaffing thighs. Your "who asked you to be in the picture" belly fat and your IKEA kitchen in the back of your neck. Your accent. Your height. Alladat.

Love yourself. Accept yourself AND others. Keep it Vertical. Keep your spirit lifted out there.

Feeling Lifted & Vertical,


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