Energy Flows...

Where Attention Goes.

When I was turning 22 (I think) I had a three day birthday celebration. Day 1 was this crazy lit

house party. Day 2, a hookah lounge and for day 3, I slowed it down so my Pastor and old folks could attend, with a dinner party at STACKED. 🍔

Once I got to STACKED, the guest start rolling in. My cousin, my sister, my pastor and church family, friends I met on the internet - I was so happy and shocked that so many people came out for me. But, my mom wasn’t there. I began to wonder where she was & started calling her with no answer. ☎️

Every time I picked up my phone to call someone who wasn’t at my party, I was paying less attention to the ones that were. I mean Mom or not, the people that came to celebrate me deserved my full and undivided attention. I realized that the more I complained about who wasn’t in the room, the less I enjoyed the people that were. All that complaining, walking away to make phone calls, interrupting convos to text people - the whole nine - I realized how unfair it was to those that came to see and celebrate me. 🎉

My mom never came & once I stopped worrying about it, I was able to enjoy my party. Now, I focus on the people that come through for me, the ones “at my party” & so should you. This year, keep your focus on where the love and support is coming from - not where it’s missing cause then you’ll always feel a lack, but with your attention on the love and support you receive, you’ll always feel loved and supported. ❤️

As always, keep your head up and your spirit lifted. Energy flows where attention goes. KeepitVertical 🦋

Spread the message by sharing this post because even now - your loves ones are making a choice to focus on something, remind them to focus on the love and support! Life A Spirit!


Blog post written by: Jhoe Virago

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