Be Kind to Your Edges!

Happy Just be Kind July!

July is Minority Mental Health Month & all month long at Keep it Vertical we are talking about kindness. And right now, we want to talk about being kind to your edges... or wherever you’re looking to grow hair... your eyebrows, your “kitchen” or even your beard. Be kind to you hair with Edge Naturale.

I’ve got some and I LOVE IT! Every time I apply my Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer, I look forward the the cool sensation! It feels so good and is made with healthy products, like peppermint, healthy oils and coconut milk— that’s where the kindness comes in!

Edge Naturale is a one of a kind follicle enhancer that revives thinning edges, bald spots, eyebrows and EVEN BEARDS! Hair growth for everyone. While most hair growth products are packed with smelly chemicals that leave a funny smell in your hair and don’t work. Edge Naturale is a true game changer, because not only does Edge Naturale smell amazing, but I saw results after just two weeks of use! I’ve struggled to find a product that works well and smells good. (Let‘s be real rice water STINKS, y’all)

I love and recommend this product for anyone ready to take hair growth seriously!

It is recommended that you use the product twice a day for maximum results. Make sure that the application area is clean and oil free. Edge Naturale is applied to thinning area by hand and don’t worry a little goes a long way! You only need a small amount. Be sure to wash your hands after product application. And take before and after photos to track all of the progress you’re about to make!

To get your own Edge Naturale click here:

*Ad written by Jhoe Virago*

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