3 Must Have Apps For Life-Long Learners

Life is all about balance, the fight between good and evil, politics, black lives matter, art, culture, mental health, fashion, science, religion, philosophy and the list goes on and on. Life has so many moving parts and there is so much to learn everyday. Some of us are on a constant quest for knowledge as we yearn to learn more about....you know, stuff?!? *Kanye shrug* This post is for you, my life-long learners. If you consider yourself a life long learner, you consider yourself as someone who always looks for new knowledge around every corner, a lesson to learn every day and a new resource to learn from! Hopefully, one of these apps can become a resource for you.

Here are three must have apps for life long learners to assist you on your quest for knowledge.

1. Enlight Photofox (For Creatives)

Enlight Photofox is so much fun! Photofox is a photo editing app and it's first on our list of must have apps. Cool facts first! So, there is a free option, so you can learn for life and for free. I have the free option and I’ve been able to do quite a bit with my membership. I've added text to my photos, removed and changed the background, used layers to create and more! Also, the app comes with lots of tutorials which can aid you in your photo editing journey. If you have no clue what to do when it comes to editing photos, this app is for you! They have photo tutorials, which breaks down steps into photos you can swipe through and video tutorial options. The app has lots of great features built into it for editing, like layers, meme creation, stickers for your photos and you can even make select items on your photo black and white. Photofox even has tons of backgrounds for you to use and create content with. You can literally take a photo of you laying on your bed and create yourself lying on a beach! lol. There’s so much more to do. The options are limitless and expand further than that with the paid membership. If you want to purchase the app the monthly cost is $6.99, if you pay for 12 months in advance, it’s $35.99 per year and if you want to pay for Photofox one time and one time only, the charge is $69.99. Here's a photo I made through Photofox. I lost the original, but she was just walking on a sidewalk. lol. Mind you, I'm no expert, I did this a year ago, just playing around.

Pretty Cool, Right?

2. Overdrive (For Bookworms)

Overdrive is dope! I am a Barnes and Noble fanatic and this app saves me so much in gas! Overdrive is an app that allows you to rent ebooks, audiobooks and movies from libraries all over the world! This app is absolutely free, too! If you have a library card, you can add it to your account and use your library card for free rentals. Yet, if you do not have a library card, fret not, as you are still able to use the app, you just have to create an account.

I really love the fact that you are not limited to just your local library. You have the option of finding your local library by entering your zip code or you can search through libraries all over the world by browsing using country or city and state for US libraries. After adding a library to your account, you can browse through their digital library to find your next ebook, audio book or movie! You can even type in your favorite titles to find the book or movie you want.

As far as navigation goes, Overdrive has different sections as well, which can aid you as you search. The sections include but are not limited to a teen section, an always available section (because some books have a wait list for rental), a Spanish section, kids & magazine section. Overdrive is available for download in your google play store, Microsoft or Apple App Store. What books are you gonna read when you download Overdrive? Comment below!

3. Khan Academy (For Students)

MY FAVORITE! Now, this app is new to me, but the academy is not. I heard of Khan Academy before and I’ve used it but I didn't know that there was an app. Oh, how happy I was to find this out. *Kool-aid smile* Khan Academy is a website and app that allows free courses on any subject! Always free, no perks. Just create an account, pick a subject and learn!

My favorite thing about this app is that the courses offered are not just limited to academic studies such as math, science, English, etc... but they also offer free courses for college and career. Those courses include but are not limited to personal finance and entrepreneurship. I am currently taking a finance class on IRAs, which I’ve found to be very helpful & easy to understand. There are also courses for test prep such as the LSAT, CAHSEE, NCLEX - RN, MCAT & SAT. Many other options are available as well. Check it out. Create an account today and get to learning for free at Khan Academy!

3 Must Have Apps For Life-Long Learners. Khan Academy. OverDrive. & Photofox.

Hopefully there’s something in here for you, something you can use and something you can learn from. New information awaits you, young explorer. Enjoy your new found knowledge and share this post for others that may be interested in life long learning. Thank you for reading. And as always, keep your head up and your spirit lifted. Happy Learning!

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