11:10 PM (An Erotica Story)

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

In honor of the TrapxArt's "Who doesn't like sex?" party Keep it Vertical was featured at in 2017, I wanted to post this story. Enjoy.

“DAMN," I yelled loudly, almost out of breathe. See, he got that bomb. That type of dick you have to get prepared for, I should of gave myself a pep talk because I wasn't prepared for this. "DAMN, daddy...." I yelled again. "Oh my God, Brandon!" I said, as I continued yelling. See, I actually underestimated his ability, and I'll never make that mistake again. He allowed my stubborn, "gangsta," layer to fall to the ground and I was completely submissive to him and what it was he wanted me to do. I yelled, I shook, I screamed. He got me off guard, I was shocked, but I won't let it happen again. It won't happen this time. ... Or so I thought. .....

"Got my niggas in Paris and they going gorillas," Kanye yelled across my speakers as I approached LAX to pick up my lover. It's been a long time since I last seen him because he's been in Hawaii working and as always I was so glad to see him. I anxiously awaited his arrival as I sat in my car alongside the curb for the arriving flights.  As I looked around at all the people I began to wish it was the other way around and he was picking me up from the airport, I would love to travel all across the world. I visioned myself boarding an airplane with my Betsey Johnson carryon, sunglasses, curly hair and the sun focusing only on me. In the midst of my wandering thoughts, I spotted Brandon. His face always looked serious to me, but I liked it. That serious and demanding demeanor that he has makes him so sexy and I seen it on his face as he approached the car. "Hi!" I said with a smile that let him know I was happy to see him. "What's up," he said with none of the excitement I had. I knew he was tired so I saved the questioning for later, loaded the luggage in my car and headed towards the hotel.

I was so grateful for the fact that Brandon would allow his first night back to be spent with me. We never had what I felt like was enough time for just me and him, so I wanted to make the most of it. After we checked in, we headed to the room to relax. I know he had a long flight and I figured he needed some rest, so after we were in and settled, I laid in the bed and turned on the TV. I changed into some shorts and his t-shirt, than began my channel search. As always hotel rooms never have anything good on TV, so I began to play music on my phone. I got up and sat Indian style on the bed with my headphones in my ear. Brandon was in the bathroom, showering. So, I sang and swayed my shoulders to the music Iike I was home alone. It was as though my iPhone synced with my thoughts because every song that played was a slow one. I tried to surpass every slow song, I didn't want to set myself up for something that I knew wasn't gonna happen. Babe was tired. ...but the wrong song came on. The bass was the first note, it came in strong and I couldn't press the forward button fast enough. Jamie Foxx began to sing too soon and I was lost in the music before I knew it. My hips twisted, my shoulders swayed and my ass shook as much as it could on the bed, while Jamie Foxx's, "Slow" played loudly in my ears. I forgot I wasn't alone. I stood up and looked outside the window of the hotel, dancing as the sun shined into the room. I rotated slowly to the bet of the song, snapped my fingers as the bass hit, and sang along. I replayed the song over and over and danced cause I knew no one was watching, though I secretly hoped he'd come behind me, so I can feel his dick against my ass and kiss me on my shoulders. So I stayed there dancing until the song played about 3 times. He never came so I went back to the bed. I laid there quietly on my side and began to fall asleep. I wondered what the hell he was doing in the bathroom so long, but I drifted off to sleep in my thoughts.

 - I was on a beach. I had on a pair of small black shorts and a red sports bra. I was running, exercising. The wind felt so good in my hair and my jog was so stress relieving. "Whew," I said as I wiped the sweat off of my face. "Three miles completed," I said to myself, "and it only took an hour." I laid in the sand and allowed the water to rush between my legs. I felt a seaweed rub against my leg from the wave, being drifted away in the water, it got stuck. "UGH." I thought as I reached down to detach it from my legs -

I felt something scratch me as I attempted to get the seaweed off me. I felt nails, I felt fingers. The familiar hand moved from my calf muscles, pass my knees and softly grabbed my ass. It was then that I realized I wasn't dreaming anymore. I turned over to lay on my back to see Brandon laying over me. I smiled and licked my lips as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips are so soft, and I love kissing him. I closed my eyes taking in the moment and receiving his kisses. I lifted myself up, sitting in front of him, face to face with my legs out stretched next to him. "Don't start something you can't finish," I said while laughing. "I know you had a long flight, don't know if you feel like ""putting it down,"" I made quotation marks with my fingers, "or providing that "dope dick."" I laughed again. "Don't act like you don't like it," he said. I kissed him and said "I love it." He kissed me back as I wrapped my arm around him.

I laid back down and removed my shorts because I knew what was about to happen. I took my bra off, as I lifted the arch in my back allowing my breast to be all that was in his sight. Brandon put his knees in between my legs and pushed his knees open allowing me to spread my legs. By this time, he had already had his pants and boxers off. His dick rubbed against my legs as he brought his mouth level with my nipples. He kissed between my breast and decided to go for the left breast. He sent his tongue in circles around my nipples and my body into chills. His tongue circled on my nipples in ways that would of made a man dizzy. The sensitivity of my nipples made my pussy wet and lather with juices ready to drown his dick in. I bent my knees and opened my legs as wide as possible so I can play with my pussy while he treasured my breast. The circles on my nipples and the circles I created on my clitoris was enough to send me to ecstasy. But I knew Brandon had more to offer and I wanted it.

His tongue trailed from my left breast to my right, but my hand stayed circling around my pussy, collecting sweet juices that waterfalled from my insides. He came up and kissed me again, pausing before he continued and provided that dick that drove me crazy. He stared at the love faces I made as I pleased myself in the perfect manner. I know what I need, what I want and where I wanted to be touch and I wouldn't sell myself short. I rubbed my pussy faster and my body begin to jerk constantly as I felt myself near my climax. Right before I could get to my point of release, Brandon stuck his dick inside me as if he wanted me to cum on his dick and not my hands. I grabbed my breast. It was too much going on at once inside of me and I needed a release. Mentally I was happy that I was finally with him, physically I was happy that I was finally with him. His dick occupying my walls before I reached my climax sent me even higher than my hands would have. He dug his dick deep inside of me as though it was a shovel and he needed to build a burial site. I created scratch marks on my breast as I squeezed them for a release of emotion. "Ahhh, SHIT." I screamed and he fucked me like he missed me and it's been years. His body moved from side to side hitting my pussy walls at different angles and it made all of the difference. He shoved his dick through my insides as though he wanted it to come out of my mouth. That is all I could imagine happening because his dick was so deep inside of me. I lifted the arch in my back as though I was hit with a wave of electricity, because I was sent right back down. Brandon's quick and angled strokes drove me wild and I couldn't resist screaming constantly. I let my breast go, and pushed my hand against his chest, trying to control his movement with a small amount of pressure from my hand. "Does it hurt?" he asked. "Hell no, daddy. No." I said. "Then take this dick," he said. As he pushed his dick into my stomach with all of the force his body allowed. "OOh SHIIIIIT, Fuck, Brandon, Fuck!!" I yelled. He knew he had me at that moment and I was completely submissive.

At this point, I would do whatever it is he told me he wanted me to do. Whatever made him happy was what I'd make an effort to get done, I became his robot, his puppet. I rolled onto my stomach and pulled myself up to my knees, face down, ass up. My elbows were touching the bed allowing me to hike my ass up to its highest point, allowing him to dig as deep into my pussy as he needed to. This was a personal favorite of mine and he took complete advantage of this fact. He placed both of his hands on each of my sides, he pushed and pulled me allowing me to rub across his dick at the speed he wanted. I reached my hand between my legs and rub my clit while he fucked me, I was told that the vagina tightens up and the man would be able to feel you while you play with your clit cause your walls would tighten up on him, and I wanted my walls to suffocate his dick. Brandon must have liked the hug my pussy gave his dick as he fucked me because he thrusted his dick so far into my pussy that my elbows gave out and I was lying face first into the bed. This allowed me to bite the sheet to keep from screaming too loud.

Three more pumps and another hard thrust into my pussy caused my knees to go weak and I fell onto the bed, but he wasn't having it. Brandon reaches and places his hand under my stomach and pulls me back to my knees. I decided that I wasn't going to give in just yet. I thrusted my ass on his thighs as he shoved his dick inside of me and once we caught a rhythm there was no stopping us. I yelled and screamed and even tried to run away, but Brandon held me in my place. He pulled out and removed my hand from my clit and begin to take over my job and he played with my pussy. I loved when he did it because I never knew what was next. He pulled his dick out and shoved his fingers, both pointer and middle finger deep inside of my pussy while still rubbing my clit with his thumb. The fact that he could do both things was enough for me to tap out. But every time I yelled for him to stop, he'd ask was I in pain, I'd say no. He'd smack my ass and continue what he was doing. "You like it?" he asked. "Yes, Babe. I love it." I responded. "but I can't take anymore." I felt like I lost the battle saying that, but at the same time it was truth. The first time we fucked my stomach was hurting for days and I felt that this time, the same thing was about to happen as a result of this. But I'll enjoy every minute of pain because I know where it came from. "You want me to cum? He asked. "PLEASE!!" I screamed like a child. It felt so bomb and if I could fuck him for days or at least once a day, I'm guaranteed a great day, but I just couldn't take it anymore. "Ride my dick, show me the moves you were doing to that song," he said and despite how worn out I was I knew he would hold out until I did what he said. It was then that I realized what took him so long, he was looking at me the whole time. I smiled hard. I assumed the position, sat atop of my rightful place on the throne and began to ride his dick. He laid on the bed with my knees positioned at both sides of him. Completely naked I began to rub my titties because I knew what Daddy liked.

He looked up to see me rubbing my bouncing titties, curls jumping on and off of my shoulders and with my pussy walls remaining tight from the head to the base of his penis, that alone was enough to end the sexcapade right there. The juices from my pussy dripped from the head of his penis to his ball sack. I came about three times and he never did. I can say I loved that about him, he made sure I came before he did. That was another reason I didn't mind doing what Daddy asked of me, cause I know he'd take care of me. I began to shake, my body jerked in slight short movements and I knew what was about to happen. "You want me to cum?"  He asked. I smiled as he asked me that and ran my fingers through my hair and pulled it. "Yes, daddy. Please... now" and with that said he grabbed my waist held me in the air and began to push his body into mine and he dominated in what should have been my dominating position. I screamed with every thrust, tangled and caught in the lust, drenching in both of our sweat and my pussy was dripping wet. My body gave out, my legs grew weak and I couldn't help but smile as we fucked cause he took damn good care of me. He lifted me off of his dick, I put a towel over the head, to catch all of his cum, so it wouldn't get on the bed. My back dipped in as though a bullet pierced my back and I fell lifelessly on the bed. I rolled over to see the clock on the dresser. It was 11:10PM. 

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