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Many influencers, business owners, content creators and IG VIPs find consistently posting on social media to be one of the hardest parts of their business. Which is why we created the INSTAGRAM POST PLANNER. With this planner you'll be able to plan out a week's worth of Instagram posts in less than 45 mins!  

With the right resources, it’s easy to be consistent! Plan your Instagram posts weeks in advance to help you get prepared for the holiday sales, stay consistent with your content and never forget to post important messages! Each planner comes with bonus IG HASHTAG HACKS that will help you take your IG to the next level. #Here'sToGrowth

Adapting A Growth Mindset

Many people ask our CEO how did she go about changing my mindset from that of a suicidal and depressed teenager to a motivational entrepreneur and author. Here is a technique, she used that allowed her to find opportunity in every challenge and soon, so will you. 

Frameshifting, also called reframing, occurs when a problem is conferred with a positive outcome. When you change the context of a situation, you are also changing the meaning.

You are shifting the frame.


Reframing an experience can influence you to have a different reaction, meaning and perception of that experience. This frameshifting worksheet comes with an educational video full of information about how to shift your frame, how to complete the worksheet and easy to follow instructions! 

#GrowWithJhoe & purchase your worksheet today. 


Let's Prioritize! 

If you're a business owner, content creator or brand builder, you probably have a million tasks on your to do list! But did you know that three main things on your to-do list contribute 90% or more to the growth of your business?

That means, we’ve got to know WHAT to focus on in order to get the growth our company needs. The Law Of Three system will help you identify which THREE actions you need to take that will bring the most value to your company, business or organization.

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Spirit Goals Bingo - Growth is FUN!

Keep it Vertical's LIFTED BINGO makes growth fun! Learn and grow with our innovative LIFTED BINGO board. Unlike any game you've ever played before, each LIFTED BINGO square is filled with something you can do that will lift your mind, body or spirit. Some goals can be completed instantly and others will take a little time. Which is why if you stick in this with me, the reward is great! 

Take 3 months, take 6 months but don’t take too long because the first person to completely fill their LIFTED BINGO board wins over $80 worth of prizes including a $20 VISA gift card and an exclusive Keep it Vertical merch box!

*See official rules and details*

Please download the formatted version, based on how you'd like to play. If you'd like to print out the game choose the "for print" option, if you'd like to play via mobile, download our "for mobile" option.

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