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Keep it Vertical is a positive lifestyle brand started by Jhoe Virago, Keep it Vertical means to Keep Your Spirit Lifted. KiV consists of many moving parts like fashionable apparel, a lifestyle blog and a poetry book, to promote positivity and remind others to Hear, See and Speak No Evil. 


Our CEO, Jhoe Virago self published a poetry book titled "D.C.F.S" or "Delicately Caring for Savages". D.C.F.S is a short collection of dark poetry Jhoe wrote as a suicidal and depressed child in the foster system and is used as a healing agent for readers. 


Keep it Vertical’s merch line revolves around the motto “Hear NO Evil, See NO Evil, Speak NO Evil.” Our artistic & fashion forward designs have been featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and has traveled to San Francisco with TrapxArt. Our Vintage Good Vibes Only Squad is in current collaboration with the Mayor of Los Angeles and our tees give back to homeless women in DTLA.

About Creator

My name is Jhoe Virago and I made it. I survived different types  of abuse, divorce,  being homeless, multiple suicide attempts, self-injury, bullying, over 100  stitches, foster care, college (after a year hiatus following my first college year), depression, and  whatever else life threw my way. Not many people knew. I didn't talk about it.


In the midst of all of this, I managed to graduate college with my Bachelors in Human Services, start my own business and smile. I've changed lives - all while mines was falling apart. I'm not a regular girl with just any plain positive message...

I'm telling you what I know.

This is my lifestyle. 

Keep it Vertical

You can make it through anything.

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